Friday, 12 November 2010

winter nails

My fav colours for this autumn / winter.

Les Khaki's from Chanel
Love this little threesome

Best Bet: Les Khakis de Chanel

For a touch of sparke, I think this one would be lovely too.

In the summer I go for orangey colours on my toes and a gloss or very light colour on my fingers.

Do you change your nail colour with the seasons, or do you have a lovely favourite that you stick to year round?


  1. I'm going dark cherry these days:) but I'd like to try these "commando" khaki!

  2. I am very boring that way. It's either cherry red or a very soft pink. The newer greyish colours make me look sick, I think, but I love them on others people.

  3. I like to change mine with the seasons. My toes are always pretty. My hands are another story. I work with my hands though, and constantly wash, so color doesn't stay on for long.


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