Sunday, 28 November 2010

its beginning to feel....

A lot like Christmas.

A fluttering of snow flakes.  Temperatures dropping.  Log fires.  And a day trip for me to the Cologne Christmas markets on Saturday with a bunch of friends.   Wrapped up against the chill wind and snow flakes, we had a lovely day sampling gluhwein, spicy sausages, waffles, hot nuts and hot chocolate.  It wasn't all about the eating though!  We did find some lovely Christmas presents, decorations, knitted hats and other hand made goodies.  And as the daylight disappeared, the markets came to life with sparkling lights and stars in the trees and around the market huts.

(a few iPhone snaps)

Now I'm ready to welcome December with open arms.  Bring on Christmas.

Hope you had a great weekend too.


  1. I've been to that Christmas market. It really is the best I've been to.

  2. Oh sounds lovely. We went to Ludlow, to a Medievil Christmas Fayre and just bought cheese.

    I think I'm in denial re Christmas because I've been so busy but we're getting the tree on the 1st - hubby's rules!

  3. I love it when it starts to feel like Christmas - and a visit to a market like that would definitely do the trick! It sounds wonderful :)

  4. Oh it sounds so lovely Victoria - so different to things over here but so lovely! Leanne x

  5. Hi there. Another case of parallel commenting. I had just opened your blog when your comment popped in :)
    Christmas, Christmas, bring it on!! Have lots of fun on the x-mas market. Koelle, ahhh...

  6. How lovely and looks fab! As does your blog...brill photos. We're stuck in snow here, so now I feel even more Christmassy than I did before.

  7. I've always wanted to visit a German Christmas market, they sound lovely!!

    It's certainly cold enough for Christmas, it's freezing here!!


  8. this is so beautiful. Love this season!

  9. looks like you had a great weekend, it's snowing here as well ! it

  10. How beautiful! I love white lights.


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