Tuesday, 30 November 2010

ready for snow


I struggle with my wardrobe in winter.   No, that sounds like I'm fighting to get the doors open or closed or stand having a heated conversation with it every morning!

What I mean is that I'm not that good at dressing in the winter. Too many layers.  Not enough layers.  Wrong shoes or boots.  Same old dark colours. etc etc.   I'm much more a summer person - give me white vests, dresses, breezey skirts and sandals anyday.

Anyhow.  This year I decided to get the footwear right at least.  We had about 5cms of snow last night (I know, I know - pathetic compared to some, but still 5cm is 5cm).  Now I have a good selection of boots - heels, colours, dressy (as mentioned here, NL is the place to find boots for sure).  But I didn't have real cold weather / snow boots.  Ones that keep my toes snug and warm and dry and also look pretty cool too.

But today I found them and I'm now the proud owner of these Women's 1964 Pac Premium Sorel boots.

Let it snow
Let it snow
Let it snow


  1. yay! for trusty boots!
    p.s. hope all is well!
    warm hugs!

  2. I LOVE these! We were just looking at the Sorel boots tonight and now I have boot envy! LOL! Would you believe that almost every shop we have been to has been sold out in my size and my daughter's? Craziness!!


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