Tuesday, 21 December 2010

christmas dressing

Do you like to dress up for Christmas Day?

I do.

Well, that is once we've been up for a few hours (probably from about 6am latest - if we're lucky!) and managed to scramble out of the piles of Christmas wrapping paper on our bed!

When I was a child, there would always be something special purchased to wear for Christmas day or a surprise to be worn once unwrapped.  Next time I'm at my mum's house, I must dig out some of those photographs of outfits from Christmas's past - that will be trip down fashion memory lane!

When we've had a house filled with family for Christmas, the men wore black tie and the women wore lovely dresses, although by the end of the afternoon, ties had been disgarded, high heels kicked off, and belts and buttons loosened!  So its not glamour all the way you know!

Dressing for Christmas makes the day that extra special I think.  The kiddos usually put on something new they've received as a pressie (or something I've tucked away especially).  Huzz will wear a new or favourite shirt.  This year I shall be wearing these cropped slim fit trousers (Boden) together with a very favourite long sleeve fitted silver top (Banana Republic), ballet flats, big chunky beaded necklace and this Butter London 'Rosie Lee' nail varnish (which managed to arrive in the post just in time).  Its just the four of us this year, but I am so looking forward to staying home together for a few days.

What about you?  Do you like to wear a favourite outfit that you are comfortable in?  Do you get out of your PJs even?  Or have you planned your Christmas Day wardrobe and be wearing something special you've bought just for Christmas?

It goes without saying in our house, that whatever you're wearing, it will always be topped with a stylish Christmas cracker paper hat (that will eventually fall off during an apr├Ęs-dinner snooze!).

Ding dong merrily on high......


  1. I like to wear something nice on Christmas Day. I usually plan in advance, however, my mum has such incredible taste that if she has bought me an item of clothing I tend to wear that as I cannot wait! xxxxx

  2. I will be dressing up a little this year. Am going to wear a pink lace tunic-style (very short!) dress that my sister gave me for my birthday, skinny grey jeans, sparkly flats and some glittery eyeshadow.

  3. wiahing you peace and happiness. enjoy!

  4. Aloha lovely!
    Your blog is quite applaudable!
    Here's cheers to you this festive season!
    Keep up the brilliant posts!
    AND Merry Christmas x x

  5. I love having a Christmas outfit, and I normally do. Next year, next year. When I've had a couple of hours of sleep...


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