Tuesday, 14 December 2010

christmas joy

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At this often crazy time of year, I hope you are feeling the Christmas joy in your heart whilst tearing around trying to get everything done.  Don't forget to breathe!  


  1. I am sitting here writing Christmas cards, listening to Elvis Christmas songs....candles are lit and I am indeed taking time to breathe -you are so right! All this after 5 hrs going to and from the pantomime today with 60 5 year olds, peace is just what I need :)

  2. Christmas cards made and sent! I'm actually up past 9pm with a glass of wine and the computer for the first time in months.
    Just caught up with your blog - what a story about the storm on Dec. 1st. Against the weather we are powerless. How exciting and scary for your little boy, he must have felt the exhilaration of freedom tasted the tip of fear and then had the reward and safety of your comfort. Let them go, so that they may come back, I say. [Obviously not to war or anything...]

  3. Thank you Victoria for this lovely reminder! My recent travels have put me off course but I am slowly coming back. It is going to be a Christmas movie for me tonight, by the tree with my presents to wrap and a hot chocolate close by...I am feeling relaxed at just the thought of it..thank you for that!!

    Best wishes for a lovely Christmas Victoria!!

    Jeanne xx

  4. A very grounded message and reminder about what it is all about - here is to a relaxing, warm and heart-felt christmas to all.

    Off to deliver my son's christmas cards to his nursery friends (all 20 of them)!


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