Wednesday, 15 December 2010

corner view 'traditions'

 Christmas wreath on our front door.

These are our little traditions at this festive feasting time of year.

Two Christmas trees

The big one decorated with just silver, glass and white lights.
The smaller one completely covered in every colour and style decoration you can imagine
(guess who decorates that one?!)

A box filled with Christmas story books that I hide away all year
and bring out on 1st Dec for bedtime stories.

Rudolph cuddly toys that go into the kiddos beds for Dec.

Lots of candles in the evenings throughout all the winter months.

Always scrambled eggs with smoked salmon for Huzz and I on Christmas Day morning,
with a glass (or 3) of Champagne to start the day off well.


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  1. Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon. Hmm, I might try that as well this year. Sounds good!

  2. Wonderful traditions AND I LOVE your wreath!! xo

  3. Great traditions, and thanks for the reminder to add champagne to my shopping list!

  4. Beautiful wreath!!!
    2 christmas tree?!?! We barely have room for one;)

  5. Your description of the 2 trees made me smile. Also we have the same tradition with books. I love finding new ones to add to the box.

  6. your x-masday morning tradition sounds appealing!!

  7. Lovely wreath! As for the two trees... Every year I must take some forniture to the basement to make room for one!!!
    Happy Christmas!!!

  8. lovely! two trees?? you must have a really big home!!

  9. Sounds lovely! :) Especially the champagne the morning of. Think I'll adopt that tradition.

  10. Scrambled eggs and salmon and champagne here too! :)
    PS: Just popped Rumer in my CD player. Thanks for the tip!

  11. All your traditions are beautiful ones, Victoria. I bet your grown-up tree is gorgeous and the kiddie one is charming.
    I love the idea of lots of candles throughout. I should implement that in our home, as well.

  12. This has made me feel all festive - thank you.

    We have similar ones. The only one to add is christmas CDs. My son currently only ever wants to listen to Away in a Manger on repeat at the moment. I love all the usual cheesy christmas tunes.

  13. hi - thank you for the "Christmas" injection, making me feel a bit homesick now!! Can't believe its on Saturday! Can't believe this time last year we were nearly with you and enjoying the scrambled eggs and smoked salmon - oh and some champers too!! Lots of love xx

  14. like the two tree idea! your blog is great..


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