Thursday, 23 December 2010

let the christmas holidays begin

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The last school day for 2010.  A very late start to the Christmas holidays for us.  1.30pm is the official time that we will all be home for Christmas.

Today I shall be ...

Picking up one last present and wrap two more that I found hidden away!

Making these delicious Cranberry & White chocolate muffins

Watching 'The Polar Express'

And hopefully not too much more.

Sleigh bells ring are you listening?.....


  1. i love your picture!
    happy holidays

  2. They're ringing, but I'm too busy to hear them! Wrapping, wrapping, wrapping. Cleaning and cooking. I will collapse in a heap on Christmas Day. Hope you have a great one!

  3. enjoy your winter wonderland!
    have a truly lovely christmas...baking and films and a bit of wrapping sounds like a fine way to spend time! x

  4. I hope your Christmas is merry, Victoria!

  5. I'm always listening for those sleigh bells! Merry Christmas my lovely blog friend and thank you for all your lovely comments this year... much appreciated! xxx


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