Sunday, 9 January 2011

home again

We arrived back in not so sunny NL on Saturday morning.  The past 10 days in Singapore feel dreamlike (probably due to the 13 hour flight and very little sleep).

The remains of Christmas are all around.

The snow has melted.  All that's left of the snowmen in our garden are their carrot noses, hats and scarves!

The Christmas trees are still standing, and amazingly not too many needles have been shed (dare I touch them!).  I find it really sad when the tree comes down - the room looks so empty without the twinkling lights and sparkling decorations.  And the worst is seeing all the discarded trees out on the streets don't you think?

There are piles of unwrapped gifts around waiting to be played with, used or tidied away.

Today will be a day of getting back to 'normal' before the routines of school and work begining again.  And we will be going for a big afternoon forest walk with lots of other friends.

Ruby will have her first half day at nursery this week.  I'm lookng forward to a few hours 'free' each week.  Although I know I will shed a few tears as my baby (2 yrs 4 months !) starts exploring the world without me by her side.

I have itchy fingers to start clearing up, sorting, donating, starting 2011 with less 'stuff'.  Pretty common this time of year, yes?

Firstly though, there are the piles of laundry to get sorted!


Hope the year has started well for you.  I shall be posting photos from our Singapore fling this week.  Pop back for a peep.


  1. Welcome back Victoria! I was rather envious of your jaunt! It's funny though - you are such a regular commenter that I found it strange without you! This little bit of blogland missed you...
    I can relate so much to the need to sort stuff out. It's becoming a minor obsession of mine as I enter the fourth week of the kid's school holidays! Unreal. They go back on Wednesday and I am too itching to get stuck into all that clearing up.

    Lou xx

  2. 2 yrs 4 months! When she starts, do you get a medal? You deserve it. I'm starting mine at six months or I fear I will go mental.

  3. My year also begins with piles of washing and a whole lot of sorting out. I've cleaned out the boys rooms, the pantry and next up is my own sad wardrobe. I love a new year clean. Start the year off right, I say!

  4. Welcome back and I hope you enjoyed your hols.

    Good luck with the sorting. I am doing mine bit-by-bit.

    Hope all goes well this week with Ruby and nursery - I am sure she will love it!


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