Sunday, 27 February 2011

3 thank yous

Back in January, on my birthday weekend I read on two of my favourite blogs that I had won prizes in their giveaways!  Yes, 2 prizes!  I'm someone that hasn't won anything in years, no decades!  Must be my lucky year.

From the always beautiful blog 'The Bottom of the Ironing Basket' Simone sent a wonderful package filled with all kinds of sample beauty goodies from Space NK.   Now my bathroom is pampering central.  Be gone wrinkles and dark circles!!!

From Deborah aka  'Metropolitan Mum' the book 'Amazing People of London'.  Can't wait to spend a quiet lazy Sunday afternoon with this book and a big mug of tea by my side.

And finally, I was delighted to receive a request from Felicity at 'Gifts of Serendipity' to use one of my very favourite photographs of gorgeous pink peonies on her blog.

So ... Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.


  1. Congratulations!!!! They sound lovely! Funnily enough I entered a few comps today on Marie Claire's website so hopefully a bit of your good luck will rub off on me! Keep a look out on my blog in the next week or so as there will also be a competition on there to win some goodies!!

    Whilst writing can I thank you for your really kind comments on Mimi Grace yesterday, they were lovely and really made my day. So pleased you enjoy the blog.

    Hope your good luck keeps coming - do the lotto next! xxx

  2. wow, are lucky this time around, aren't you?! it's so fun getting freebies :) my husband and i always joke with each other that we're just NOT the kind of people who win things, so i can only imagine how you feel!

  3. You're welcome beautiful lady, actually the thanks go to you as I delight in seeing your blooms on my sidebar each and every day/

    xx Felicity

  4. That's great, Victoria. Congratulations.
    The book sounds very interesting. Giveaways are so much fun.

  5. lucky you! (i´m not talking about your photo- that´s pure talent) have a great week victoria!

  6. Ahhh, good to hear that it has arrived. I was starting to get worried, too. Sorry again for the late sending, you know how it is sometimes... xx

  7. lovely blog!!!!!!!!!!!
    happy day!

  8. You are most welcome....thank you for being such a lovely and faithful commenter on my blog :)


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