Friday, 4 February 2011

friday flowers

Flowers for your weekend lunch table dear blog friends. 

Wishing you a lovely weekend, be it filled with activity, family and friends, or quiet and restful.   Mine shall be a mix - delivering Luca to tennis and judo lessons and a science club.  A pilates class for me.  Homemade pizza making Saturday.  Huzz off on a trip early Sunday.  I plan on making a big apple crumble for Sunday evening when a friend will be popping over.  And thats about me done!



  1. Hi Victoria, Oh how I love those flowers (tulips and lilies are my favorite). With all the winter storms and gray skies lately, this post is a happy reminder that spring will come (eventually). You have plans for a great weekend already, so enjoy (pizza sounds great!)

  2. Spectacular!
    Your weekend sounds low key and fabulous - filled with family, friends and fine food.

    Enjoy all that unfolds,

    Felicity x

  3. beautiful! I haven't seen tulips in the markets here. I should go look. Happy weekend!


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