Tuesday, 1 February 2011

pretty packaging and other things

For me, no trip back to the UK is complete without a quick stop in M&S.

These lovely boxes of tea jumped out at me immediatley.  I couldn't resist the pretty colours and texture of the packaging.

I also picked up for myself (with some birthday money I'd been given) this gorgeous felt 3D flower cushion that I mentioned previously.
And finally, a pair of Autograph skinny fit combat trousers.  I needed to get out of my jeans rut.

With that little lot (and a good few things for the kiddos too), my luggage weighed in at exactly the measly 15 kilos allowed with that horrible airline where the staff are so rude (but I still do use them for travel to the UK as they are usually the cheapest).


  1. Treasures one and all.

    The white tea with raspberry sounds delish and the cushion....well, let's just say that I'm more than a little green with envy!

    Felicity x

  2. I love teas... those packages are lovely :)

  3. I love the tea packaging. Would make a nice addition to a tea/coffee cupboard. Pretty pastels make people smile :) Saw my first daffodil yesterday and it really brightened my day.

  4. will look forward to checking out the teas when I get home!!! what colour trousers did you get? xx

  5. how funny, I was in a M&S (in Marbella) right before Christmas and I just had buy the Organic Green Tea with Jasmine because of the pagkaging :)

  6. I adore that pillow, it's so beautiful and would go perfect on our couch :)


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