Sunday, 30 January 2011


Whilst visiting my mum in Scotland these past few days, Ruby and I were invited along to our very first Ceilidh at my nephew's school.  Of course, it's all about the tartan isn't it.


  1. I love a good ceilidh. One of the things I really miss...

  2. Mhm. Hairy legs in woollen socks and skirts... no no no, there's just something terribly wrong with it... Maybe I would feel better about it if they shaved their legs? ;-)

  3. How fun. I would love to visit Scotland. It´s on my favorite´s list.

  4. so great! (so is there anything under those kilts?;))

  5. Jane - I didn't check under the kilts (this time!) - although on a previous occasion, many years ago, a quick peep confirmed one man was indeed a little chilly !!

    MM -I don't think shaved legs would do much for me - I much prefer a man in trousers too!


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