Thursday, 10 February 2011

red stripes

I've lived in my navy striped 'Breton' style tops this past year.  They seem to team up well with so many things and whatever the weather.  But maybe now I'll be giving them a rest in favour of the red stripes.

And, not only clothing.  Take a look at the lovely 'Cornishware' by T. G. Green.  Usually seen in the blue stripe, I've now discovered the red stripe.  First produced in the 1920s, but abandonded as it was hard to produce the colour consistently.  The few pieces that were produced became collectors' items.  But now back in full production and looking so bright and eyecatching.  Lovely packaging too.  How nice are these for spring?





  1. I like the red stripes. Unfortunately, I cannot do stripes. I am too tall and buxom to get away with them.

  2. i can't get enough of stripes, i just painted b&w stripes in my daughters bedroom and i love them!

  3. love stripes!! i just got a cute red and white stripe top at anthropologie that i luv! hope you had a wonderful weekend. xo

  4. I love red stripes! The J Crew shirt looks lovely! Feels Spring already...!

  5. first one is a slightly unique take! I like it!


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