Thursday, 14 April 2011

cardboard toys

These are on my shopping list for the kiddos. Cardboard toys. Easily assembled. Easily stored.  Children (or you!) can assemble, decorate, play, pack away, and eventually when they have been enjoyed until they are falling apart, they can be recycled!  Firstly, I'm thinking of a small house that can fold down flat and be popped into a suitcase to take on vacations.

Some of these large creations are great don't you think (although a little more bedroom space might be needed).



  1. I think I actually had a cardboard house to play with as a kid. It lasted quite a while.

  2. I went to a party at the weekend and they had that castle one there. They left out stickers and glitter and colouring pens and let the children decorate it - it was such fun and they all loved it. I've got my eye on one by a company called Calafan (I think that's right) which is like a little treehouse.

  3. These are so much fun Victoria, my kids loved playing with things like this. We have developed a passion for puzzles of all sizes and shapes over the years. These sort of projects fill every desire ;)

    Jeanne xx

  4. I saw something like this in the toy shop the other day, and knew my daughter would love one. I didn't get it though. I don't have the room.


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