Thursday, 21 April 2011

being 2 (part II)

These days its ALL about the pink and sparkles.

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Offer Ruby anything and its always "I want the pink one."

She will only watch the Charlie & Lola dvd that comes in the pink box (blue, green and red are rejected daily).

Her most used sentence is "I want something." which actually means "I want a cookie / sweetie / cake."

Her second most used sentence is "I can do it myself.  I can."

She loves sparkly nail varnish on her toes.

She wants to try out my lipstick.

She sings ALL the time.  Even when looking for her ball, she is singing 'Ruby's ball where are you?".   This kind of sent the Huzz crazy when they recently did a 2.5 hr drive and she sang the whole way!

She knows all the names of the BOYS in her big brother's group 4 class at school.  And all the BOYS names in her nursery class - girls are never mentioned.  She's gonna be trouble this one!

being 2 (part I) is here.


  1. oh:):) A. is absolutely the same, boys, boys, boys...I WANT...I DO

  2. Cute post. I should do the same - you think you'll remember all these fun tidbits about what your kids were like when they're little, but time is fleeting. Very fun.

  3. Oh, I love it! She sounds like such a character, Victoria!
    Happy Easter to you and yours!

  4. So sweet... I love pink and the pink sparks are so pretty!
    Happy Easter!

  5. Oh my - she sounds adorable! I think I'd have so much fun with someone who loves pink and remembers all the boys names and who can sing!

  6. The pink thing seems to be inbuilt! I thought I'd hate it but I actually don't mind. Love the fact she sings everything - it must be like being in an opera!

  7. Haha! This is really delightful - I have some nieces that were similar to her but I woud have to agree that you've got some trouble on your hands :) At least some adorable trouble :)

  8. Such a cutie!! And she looks soooo like you!! Must be something in our family re the singing, Mia is always singing, it is a delight to hear and makes me so happy :-)

  9. So cute. My daughter went through that phase. So did I but I am still there with pink!!


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