Tuesday, 26 April 2011

easter @ the beach

A 7.30am chocolate egg hunt started Easter Sunday off well.    Fondant chickens, big chocolate rabbits and multi-coloured foil wrapped mini-eggs hidden amongst the bushes, slide, plants pots and scaffolding (we're having some renovations done on the house!) were discovered with such noise and commotion I was just a little concerned for the neighbours without children trying to enjoy a Sunday lie in!!

And then, car loaded up and off to the beach.  Roads free of traffic were a delight (apart from those attrocious Belgian roads that are so bumpy its like riding a rickety old rollercoaster!).  An almost empty beach awaited us on arrival at 11am!  Sunshine, sand, sea, buckets and spades, skim board - what more could the kiddos want?  Chocolate eggs of course!  But with NL being the hottest place in Europe this Easter weekend, the chocolate eggs were better off back home in the fridge.

Hope you enjoyed your Easter weekend, and didn't overdo the chocolate eggs too much!


  1. Happy Easter to you all! Really glad you had a lovely break. Much love xxx

  2. Lovely! We spent ours on the beach too - or Easter Sunday at least, It was too hot for the roast we had planned, the eggs melted and Sonny swam in the sea. Most strange - I remember it snowing some Easters! Glad you had a good one.

    Like L's meditative pose. Omm

  3. We leave the roads around the border like that to keep the Dutch people out. Sorry about that.

    (I must get a towelly dress like that for my daughter. So cute!)

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE these pix... so so CUTE!!!!
    n x

  5. I love these meditative and joyous poses!!
    Happy week to you and your sweet ones,xo

  6. I love the photos of the kids, Victoria! Going to the beach is a perfect way to spend Easter.
    By the way, are you kidding? Of course I overindulged with chocolate!


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