Monday, 20 February 2012

we discovered a new author

Having lived in NL for the past 5 years, our English language library book borrowing was limited (and we were borrowing all the Dutch ones anyhow to help the kiddos along with their 2nd language).  So since we've been here in the US, Ruby and I have been hanging out at the library every Wednesday morning for story time and then choosing a big pile of books to take home.

This week we discovered Mo Willems (author, illustator, writer, artist) for the first time.

The story reader at the Library had just started to read 'Leonardo, the Terrible Monster' when Ruby decided a restroom visit was necessary!  So we missed the story (although there had been 3 others and singing and letter learning beforehand) but we managed to nab the book at the end to borrow.  We also picked up 'Knuffle Bunny - a Cautionary Tale' (knuffel is Dutch for cuddle) which is probably a bit young for Ruby, but she is finding it very funny that Trixie in the story can't yet talk!


Mo Willems has a fabulous background - writer on Sesame Street, creator of a number of animated tv series, exhibitions of his work across the US.  His books are translated into a number of languages and made into theatrical productions. Of course there's are variety of awards too.  And when you aren't reading the books, there's a fun Mo Willems web/blog site to enjoy.

These books are on our list to check-out:

Don't let the Pigeon Drive the Bus (and lots of other pigeon books)
Edwina, the Dinosaur Who Didn't Know she was Extinct
Elephant & Piggie series

Do you have any recommendations for us - aimed at age 3, 4, 5?


  1. hey you! check out robert munch´s books. they are the best! i think we read them all- a hundred times each. our favorites- Pigs and The Paper Bag Princess. :)

  2. mo willems is the cutest author around!

  3. I really like your blog:)Great pics and so much inspiration...I wish you a lovely week.
    LOVE Maria at

  4. hello,
    these are lovely:

    we also like almost any book from julia donaldson...

  5. Dina LOVES Knuffle Bunny! It was a gift from our friend in the USA and she wants to read it all the time. She also loves the Kai-Lan books (Chinese American girl), Wet-Pet series (great for learning rhyming words- educational with fun pictures), and a couple of classics we read often are "One is One" and "Blueberries for Sal".


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