Friday, 17 February 2012

singing her name

Driving home from nursery yesterday with Ruby in the car, 'Ruby Tuesday' by the Rolling Stones came on the radio.  My Ruby's ears pricked up immediately.  I turned the music up and sang along.  'Play it again, play it again' she said.  So when we got home, a quick look at YouTube and we did play it again and again, and then found more 'Ruby' songs and vidoes which she loved.

And my Ruby was born on a Tuesday too!

We will keep looking for more Ruby songs for my girl that loves to sing.

It's damp and chilly here.
I intend to watch movies with the kiddos, and drink hot chocolate with marshmallows
and eat these home made cookies!

Wishing you a lovely weekend.


  1. it's chilly and wet here too today and we are having a lazy day, Cath is down and we are watching films....but I like the sound of hot chocolate and cookies....might have to make some!! xx

  2. Ruby certainly is a fab name for good songs, she's got great taste in music already. OMG you've moved to Portland!!!! Mad about my hacking, can't believe someone has the time and energy. I've been crazy, new job huge learning curve and lots of not so nice stuff been going on but hopefully a calm sea ahead. Never seem to get space to write now. I hope you huzz got his luggage and love note back.

  3. I loved that song many, many years ago - did you see when it was released - January 1967. xxx

  4. that's so cool! I love the name Ruby:)


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