Monday, 19 March 2012

the weekend

I hope you had a good one.  Ours seemed to get pretty busy, but in a good way, although the Huzz and I are both feeling full of cold and could have easily slept for hours on end given half the chance!

Luca took part in his first school Science Fair.  He and a friend did an 'Eggs-periment' - involving hard boiled eggs, a glass carafe and matches!  They proved their hypothesis and Luca did a great job at presenting and talking about it on the night. However, I think the high-light might have been putting on the astronauts helmets with his sister!!!  We ended the evening with a big pizza to share (and a big glass of red wine for the Huzz and I).

Not so great iPhone photo, but you get the idea of how funny they both looked!

We had a great breakfast out on Sunday morning at a newly discovered cafe - Stepping Stone Cafe. The kind of breakfast that fills you the whole day!

The Huzz and I watched, finally, The Descendants.  I'm pleased I bought it on dvd as it will be one of those films I watch time and time again.  Some funny moments, many very sad and emotional moments too.  Great acting all round.  Definitely a thumbs up and well worth seeing if you haven't.  And it made me want to visit Kauai again so much.  We also finished watching the First Season of 'The Good Wife' - a great series.  Looking forward to the arrival of Season 2 box set this week.

With a mix of sunshine, snow and hail on and off the whole weekend, we managed to squeeze in three different park visits when the skies were bright.  The kiddos spent plenty of time twisting around and around and around on the swings!   How they didn't throw up is beyond me!

Hope you had a good one.


  1. My kids amaze me with their ability to spin around and around and not get ill. I loved The Descendants too - one of George's finest performances for sure. I wasn't expecting to cry! And The Good Wife is a solid show...definitely one that I enjoy. Sounds like you had a great weekend!

  2. I love the astronauts! I hope you feel so much better soon. I haven't seen The Descendents, but I loved Midnight in Paris (the only 2012 nominee I saw!)


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