Wednesday, 25 April 2012

corner view 'a room with a view'

Welcome to CV this week, with the theme of 'A Room with a View'.

We last week moved into our new home, so every view we have is new to us.   When standing in the shower, there is a great far off view of the Oregon coastal range, but too far away for a good photograph.  But here is the view from my kitchen window.  Standing at the sink yesterday I see a gorgeous blue sky, no clouds, tall fir trees and the sign of spring with buds on the tree.

Looking the other way, here's a shot of one end of our garden.  Just waiting to get some new outdoor seating and dining ready to enjoy these warm days.  In that tree we have a few little chipmunks living - so cute to watch and listen too.

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  1. Your new view is nice! There are lots of trees... and a wonderful blue sky! Lucky you ;)

  2. Beautiful trees and lovely blue sky ! I love this view !!

  3. So pretty. You must be enjoying your new home :)

  4. awesome view with chipmunks. Definitely a great new place!

  5. Enjoy spring in your new house !

  6. What a lovely view. And what a lovely garden. I have never seen a real chipmunk before. You are so lucky to have such cute little critters living in your trees :-)

  7. Chipmunks! Lucky you!

    A new house is always so exciting.


  8. That's what I miss: a view from my kitchen sink - I only have a skylight in the kitchen!
    How are your kids settling in?

  9. how exiting ... and lovely views :)

  10. must be quite exciting, settling in like this.
    you will love it there, won't you?
    dreaming of flowers from holland... ;)))

  11. you have moved around quite a lot!!
    this is a nice view, i hope you are enjoying your new home!

  12. Beautiful trees and lovely blue sky! Thanks for taking the time to post this.


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