Monday, 23 April 2012

coming up for air

The past week has flown by in a blur.  We moved into our wonderful new home and have daily been working through the towers of boxes and furniture wrapped and transported from the Netherlands.  For the kiddos it has been like Christmas - too much at once!  For 4 months they got by with the very bare minimum of their toys and then bang...  everything arrived at once and they are overwhelmed and have gone from one box to the next to the next.  So I'm trying to unpack and follow the chaos the kiddos have left in their wake all at once.

A new home (with cute little Dutch clogs in the corner!)

But what a fabulous week it has been at the same time as tiring.  We have met some great neighbours.  Home baked cookies have been delivered to us.  Roast Sunday dinner with another neighbour.  The kiddos taken out for icecreams.  The sun has shone and the neighbourhood children have been running in and out of our house and my kiddos seem to have a handful of friends each already.

And as for the Huzz and I.... we've found ourselves sitting outside in the street on the sunny evenings, glass of wine, sharing tacos, chatting with new neighbours, and finally relaxing whilst children play and run in and out of water sprinklers, ride bikes and scooters and have fun.  We're feeling very at home, once again.

Now back to those boxes!

Hope you had a great weekend.


  1. That's such great news, Victoria. You'll have to show us more as you are ready. I love that your husband collected stamps and that you still have them. I will have to look for pics of the Roald Dahl ones; we've devoured his books. Happy Tuesday to you! Good luck with boxes!

  2. Oh, I just found them! They're fantastic... I do love Quentin Blake's illustrations.

  3. Your living my dream so live every moment to the full x


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