Wednesday, 4 April 2012

corner view "work & play"

It's been months since I contributed to Jane @ Spain Daily's Corner View project.  And so much has happened in that time too.  My previous Corner Views came from the Netherlands, but now I have a different view as we relocated to Portland, Oregon USA in December and we're slowly settling in and finding our way.

I now seem to have found some time and rhythm in my life again and feel the urge to see all those wonderful Corner Views every Wednesday.

This week's theme is 'Work & Play' (from Sunny Day to Day Mama).

As a SAHM (stay at home mum) my 'work' includes all things domestic.  No need for the details as we all know what goes into keeping a family home and the family on the right track!

My week began with tackling a not too large pile of ironing that has been calling my name for more than a few days!  Other 'work' included getting the winter tires changed out (Spring please don't trick me!), visiting the bank, grocery shopping for some Easter treats, preparing dinner for the Huzz and I, some few bits of admin and general household stuff.

Then the afternoon arrived.  The sun was shining and blue skies were above.  Time for 'play' after the kiddos were out of school.  Gotta make the most of these dry sunny days here in the Northwest (rain is usually not far away!).  

(This involved me doing a lot of work pushing this rotating wheel around so Luca could spin!)

With this 'work & play' theme, the old Mars bar ads kept popping back into my mind 'Work, Rest & Play'.  So with two done, we came home to enjoy our rest and a plate of cookies! 

Happy Corner Viewing over at Fuoriborgo. Take a peek - I'm sure you will enjoy.


  1. I do not like the ironing, the ironing and I do not much. But I like being outside in the sunshine. :) Your children have a lot of fun.

    Happy day!

  2. Welcome back to CV! And to the US, wow that's a change! :)

  3. nice to meet you, and lovely playground.

  4. welcome back ... uhhh, ironing is really a work I dislike.

  5. After ironing, you certainly need to reward yourself! I hope you played on the playground as well :-)

  6. I ironed the ironing out of my life. Such a nuisance.

    Now, that playground, yes, I'd die for one like that in my neighbourhood!

    Nice to hear you have settled! What a big move!


  7. Ironing is one of the things I try to postpone as often as I can...I'd also prefer playing in the playground in the sun. ;o)

  8. that's a move and a half... but you sound happy.
    mis je nl niet?

  9. well, welcome to portland, oregon.
    i hear it's a cool place?

  10. Ahhh, I never figured out a fun aspect of ironing and do it as little as possible. If I don't let hubby do some of my stuff, I don't have to iron as much(that balances out doing my own laundry--I work outside the house and he works at home, actually near the washer and dryer.)
    I remember days as a SAHM as you called it--the times playing with the kids were some of the best moments and just being able to be there for them.
    Sounds like you've had some adventures in moving. I've never been to any of those places where you've lived, but would enjoy seeing.
    Welcome back to the states--may you find it a good spot to be.:>)

  11. I can barely get through my laundry each week.

  12. Nice to meet you! Sounds like you're settling well into your new life in Portland . . . getting some good routines going is a good way to make sure there is room in your life for play. Enjoy!

    Karyn x

  13. Wow, Victoria, this is big news! We have relatives in Portland, and have been there two or three times - it's a nice and lively city, hope you're settling in smoothly!

  14. What a fun collection of work and play pictures! I'm going to have the Mars advert stuck in my head all day now though. Best wishes for your new home. :)


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