Monday, 16 April 2012

surf style

Surfing - something that's still on my 'bucket list'. Should have taken lessons when we vacationed in Hawaii in that gorgeous warm ocean - unlike the freezing Pacific NW coast!!

This summer I'm planning to book Luca some surf lessons - he loves to skim board and body surf, but hasn't tried to ride the waves yet.  So instead of sitting back relaxing and taking photographs (read, lazing in the sun!), I might just have to join in.  You're never too old right?!

Have yousurfed / are you a surfer?

Gotta get a nice rash guard top JCrew - stripes are always my fave!

Oh lovely board (and door) via Pinterest

Great colours and style.

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  1. i live surrounded by sea, but i have never attempted surfing. i love snorkelling though.


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