Wednesday, 30 May 2012

corner view 'fire'

This week's Corner View theme 'Fire' comes from Francesca.

We had a fun camping trip this past weekend at the coast (see post below with more photos).

The campfire Friday evening didn't quite get going - damp wood resulting in a lot of smoke!  We were also way too hungry to wait and used our handy little one burner stove to cook hotdogs.  However, a switch in wood on Saturday evening gave us great fire over which we cooked steaks, mushrooms, onions and then of course toasted marshmallows, and then sat warming out toes as the daylight drifted away.  Memories of Guide camps came flooding back!

For more fire Corner Views, stop by Fuoriborgo and visit all the other contributors.  Thank you.


  1. Your camping event looks not only fun, but tasty! xo

  2. I love camping! Your food looks delicious.

  3. Food tastes so good cooked outdoors!

  4. ai, you've managed to make me feel rather hungry, at 5 am...

  5. mmm, I can almost smell that lovely wood burning smell. The Best!

  6. It makes me hungry and I can smell it!!! I'm sure it was delicious.

  7. We hope to have our first grill out and bonfire at our summer place soon. The grandkids love s'mores. Your children are darling---quite cute! It looks like big brother is helping little sis. :>)

  8. nothing worse than damp wood when you want a fire - glad you were able to switch wood! :)


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