Tuesday, 29 May 2012

camp america!

This past weekend we had our first family camping trip.  A whole stash of 'necessary' camping gear was purchased in preparation (well we weren't exactly going into the wilds!) - everything from tent to washing-up bowl, from camping chairs to s'mores supplies!  We had all the gear and hopefully some idea!  The kiddos were beyond excited in the days leading up.

The Nehalem Bay State Park in Oregon has a great campsite set right next to a fabulous beach with sand dunes, beach grasses, lots of sun bleached driftwood and miles and miles of sand - perfect.

A mix bag of weather was forecast, but we were lucky to get just a light shower of rain on Sunday morning (before we staggered bleary eyed out of the tent at 7.30am - this was a late start compared with the extremely early 5.45am waking by Ruby on day one!).

S'mores, hotdogs, steak with mushrooms and onions, pots of coffee and even scrambled eggs and bacon were all skillfully cooked on our campfire and little one burner stove.  And of course sitting around a roaring fire with a glass of red wine in hand is a great way to end a day in the outdoors.

Savouring the delights of s'mores!

Wind and sand in her hair!

Beach life.

Off to the beach on Friday evening.

Ripples in the sand.

Discarded flipflops in the dunes.

Grass and blue skies.

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