Friday, 18 May 2012

great british fashion stamps

My son Luca has loved discovering, amongst all our packed up belongings, the stamp collections that the Huzz had as a child.  Thousands of stamps from across the world that had been handed to him from family and friends - a great history and geography lesson too.

We've been adding some new ones to them ourselves recently - the Roald Dahl (UK), Disney / Pixar (US),  2012 Olympics (UK).

I'm not sure Luca will be overly interested in the clothes, but I like these Great British Fashion stamps that have just been issued in the UK.  They feature ten of the most influential British fashion designers from the past six decades -  sleek designs, psychedelic 60s and 70s, and dramatic shapes and styling.

Hardy Aimes / Norman Hartnell / Granny Takes a Trip / Ossie Clark / Tommy Nutter

Jean Muir / Zandra Rhodes / Vivienne Westwood / Paul Smith /Alexander McQueen

You can order them in all kinds of formats - stamp set, presentation pack, framed and post-cards too

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  1. I heard about these but have not seen them yet. Thanks for the heads up. Mr H had a stamp collection too. It will make for a good retirement project one day.
    Jeanne xx

    PS.. could you send me your address when you have time so I can send on the book to you? :)


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