Friday, 18 May 2012

getting enough water?

When I worked in an office, I made sure I drank my 2 litres of water every day from the refillable bottle on my desk.  Even if that meant standing at my desk just before 'home time' knocking back the last couple of glasses!  As a mum at home, for many years now, I really struggle with drinking enough water.  I just seem to forget.  This summer its gotta change!

There are so many benefits for the body from staying hydrated that you don't really need convincing, just reminding.
  • healthier and more glowing skin
  • better digestion and helps avoid over-eating
  • relieves fatigue by flushing out toxins
  • keeps joints and muscles in better working order, so less sprains, aches etc
  • a natural remedy for headaches
  • helps avoid constipation
  • helps to prevent colds, flu and other common sickness

It helps me to I have a jug of water on hand.  Not icy cold, sparkling or bottled, just regular water straight from the tap.  To add a little taste I slice some lemons, add some fresh mint or cucumber and let the flavours infuse.

Do you manage to get your 8 x 8oz glasses (approx 2 liters) in each day?

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