Wednesday, 6 June 2012

corner view 'imagine'

Imagine - this week's Corner View theme comes from Anna.

Imagine if you had one more hour in your day.  Instead of the 24 hours that just fly past, an extra hour just for you to do whatever you wish.

Right now I would use my hour to just sit in the sunshine.  No-one calling 'mama', no errands to run, nowhere to be and nothing to do, just sit.  Peace at last!

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  1. Interesting thought..
    I would love to have that extra hour, het zegt wel wat over je prioriteiten en of je ze nog juist 'gesteld' hebt..

  2. erm.
    NOT wanting to be spoilsporting what-so-ever. ...
    1 hour a day, is 365 hours a year, divided by 12 = like, one full day a month???... wow.
    do you think it would make us age quicker?
    hee hee...
    just kidding.
    enjoy that imaginary extra hour though!!!

  3. lovely imagination.... I like the no one calling mama. I could do with that for a couple of minutes, maybe the hour.
    oh lovely thoughts!!

  4. Very nice idea :) If only it was real!!!

  5. A perfect thing to imagine for me lately. I would love to find extra time. :)

  6. I'd love to have one more hour in a day too. I could catch up on my reading (lots of new books piling on my bedside table but no time to read...).

    Thank you for your nice comment and advice on my blog.

  7. I love that idea! I can imagine it very well!

  8. Mmmm . . . nice idea. Especially if we could be disciplined and self-loving enough to actually use the hour just for relaxing and being - rather than for catching up on the washing or doing that extra hour of work :-)

  9. so much to do and so little time! i'm always struggling with time - i could use one more hour in a day ... or maybe two, or three ... or perhaps I just need to let go of some stuff :)

  10. I would just sleep. Gosh, I am sooo boring!

  11. oh yes! good idea! warm greetings from Paris!

  12. I think if you have an hour more than after that you will wish for an other hour extra, because when you are having fun or a busy live...time flies...!!
    But it is alwys fun to think about thoughts like this...what will I do with an extra hour...nice...I will think about it!

  13. maybe I would catch up on my corner viewing!
    Fun to see what everyone is up to and imagining,
    and to join in after a long time: yes, I'll imagine being in that extra hour with you all:))


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