Wednesday, 20 June 2012

corner view 'vegetable'

The 2nd in the Corner View series of 3 - animal (last week), now vegetable and next week mineral.  Thanks to Dana.

So, the past week I've been looking back through lots of photographs to try and decide what ones next to have enlarged onto big canvases for the walls of our new home.

I have always envisaged these photographs of gourds enlarged on my kitchen wall.  And having just had our kitchen revamped I think now would be the perfect time.

If you fancy seeing some more interesting views of 'vegetables' from Corner View contributors,


  1. I love these--the detail and the color. Nice job!

  2. interesting textures and summery colors !!

  3. Lovely choice of images for your kitchen wall. I especially like the first photo. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Those will make ideal wall art for your kitchen. I love the color and texture in squash; each one is truly 'an individual'. Splendid photography!:>)

  5. these will look very nice on a wall i think :)

  6. I like the first one: strange and beautiful!

  7. i kind of overlooked your vegetables last week, my dear! sorry!
    i think gourds will work brilliantly so, on your kitchen wall!!


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