Friday, 29 June 2012

happy weekend

“eat well, travel often”\

This weekend I plan to eat well, but not so much travel!

This weekend we have our favourite babysitter from the Netherlands arriving to stay with us
for a whole month!  
The kiddos are beyond excited. 
I'm beyond excited - an extra pair of hands will be FAB!  

She lived here 8 years ago, so it will be so cool for her to be back here, meeting old school friends and seeing the city through an 18 year old's eyes not a 10 year old!

During her month stay we plan to do some camping, visit pools, see 'Brave' and 'Madagascar 3' at the movies, spend some days at the coast, visit lots of icecream parlours and great pizza joints, pedicures, meeting old neighbours for dinner and much more I'm sure.  

And of course the Huzz and I will have babysitting on site (hip hip horray!).

Wishing you a great weekend whatever you may be up to.


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