Tuesday, 3 July 2012

corner view 'hot' (or cooling down)

As the temperature heats up, there is no better way to cool down in the city than at Jamison Square in Portland. Waterfalls that cascade over the stone steps, create a pool deep enough to wade and wallow in, and then the pool drains away, before starting over again.  This afternoon was our first of many afternoons spent splashing around.

Summertime fun!

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Thanks to Elizabeth for this week's theme.


  1. Water is always fun on a hot day!
    Unfortunate the summer has not been so hot in the Netherlands yet.....

    -I was just looking up the map were Portland is and I got confused for a moment, because on the other side it says Vancouver, and I was thinking: huh that is in Canada....but there is a Vancouver nearby Portland too!!-

  2. Cooling down is indeed important in the heat but why do kids get all the fun? :)

  3. Something about kids and water is always to fun to see. And the photo of Popsicle after swimming is so cute! That is cool about Jamison Square, good city planning makes a difference.

  4. Happy summer and happy 4th of July! :)

  5. That look like a womderful afternoon!

  6. What fun! Darling bathing suit on a darling girl! I love how busy she is with that bucket and stacking cups. They both look gloriously happy.

  7. seems to me hot is the new wet!
    hee hee...

  8. oh, they are so cute! It has been hot here too....

  9. this looks like such a cool urban spot :)

  10. hot weather, pools and kids: perfect combination!

  11. Wow...this is a lovely place! I just can't imagine Portland being terribly hot.
    PS. My daughter would LOVE to have one of those donuts. I think donuts are her favorite thing about the US.

  12. I wish we had a Jamison Square in Warsaw !!


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