Thursday, 26 July 2012

summer so far

Week 6 of 12!  How fast did that go?  

Here's a few things the kiddos have got up to so far....

Catching trout and messing about on lakes!

Ice-cream indulgence with friends during our last camping trip

Digging a hole at the beach (as always) on a misty morning.

All the fun of the fairground at the 4th July St Paul Rodeo.
(Luca is up there somewhere sitting on his own - makes my tummy flip just watching it!).

Finding a beautiful day-flying moth.

Ready for skimboarding.

Another day, another doughnut!

Looks like a little fun has been had.
More to follow.
Hope you are having a fabulous summer.


  1. Great pictures, it looks like you have had so much fun and still another 6 weeks to go, lucky you!

  2. looks like great fun!


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