Monday, 23 July 2012

mini cities (perfect for travelling with)

Aren't these mini-cities cute. 

We have this little mini wooden village.
First belonging to Luca 7 years ago and now getting a second life with Ruby. 

Wooden Village in a Bag

But I do like this little ones based on 'real' cities around the world.


London (NY, Paris, Tokyo also available)
World Heritage
(Pyramids, Stonehenge, Acropolis, Easter Island statutes, Machu Picchu)

Kiko (love the colours and minimalist style of these)

Wooden toys from Japanese Kiko+

Perfect for keeping little ones busy on flights (they come in small bags or boxes).
Perfect for the budding town planner!


  1. Muji does great toes at little prices. Also love their stationary range - very minimalist.

  2. I love that first set. I had the exact same one when I was a child so couldn't believe it when I saw they were making them again. And yes I did buy one!


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