Thursday, 19 July 2012

home from camp

Just back from another camping trip.  I think we might have caught the camping bug!

Once again we stayed at the Nehalem Bay State Park campsite, right next to the wonderful Manzanita beach.  This makes for a fabulous location - beach walks, skim boarding, playing on the gorgeous sand.  As well as all that the State Park has to offer - a kids program with activities and fun run by the Park Rangers, playground, horse riding, bike riding, hiking.  Never a dull moment!

This trip we went with friends = 4 kids, two mums and our lovely Dutch friend and babysitter visiting us.   There was a lot a fun, warm weather, lots of s'mores, hotdogs, sitting around campfires, running around the campsite and playground, a few arguments between the kids  (but nothing that 15 minutes 'alone time' didn't sort out!), lots of scraps and bruises from climbing trees and making dens!   All those good things about being outdoors that made the kiddos not want to come home this afternoon.

Here are a few scenes from the past four days.

Hope you're having a fab summer.  Already we are heading towards week 6 or 12!


  1. Your photos look like you all had a fabulous camping trip and Luca and Ruby loved it. Pat x

  2. Hi there - wow these beaches look lovely. I know you're really familiar with the Florida beaches; how do these compare? Hope all is well and certainly it looks like you've settled in perfectly to living in the States. Good to know, as there is always a chance on our horizon of moving there one day. Lou x

  3. Looks like a great summer! The beaches dunes and soft sand remind me of Long Island beaches where I grew up,
    but I see there are mountains so it couldn't be LI...hmmm you have me guessing!!
    My daughter is still in school so it hasn't felt completely summery yet、so it's fun to see your pics that remind me of oceanside summery pleasures and views!!

  4. PS I just did a little following your footprints in the sand and found out where the beach is!! Sorry I should have read more carefully the first time:)) Oregon looks gorgeous, and by following your link I saw the earlier photos too, really beautiful, wow horseback riding on the beach too! Happy Summer!

  5. Love the 'Kids don't float' sign :-) We are in France for another week - apparently the weather is getting better in the UK, too. Don't know how other people can survive without a proper sunshine filled summer. A summer vacation really is the best thing in the world! xx

  6. Hi Victoria,
    I love Manzanita! We go there every summer for two weeks. Perhaps we passed each other on the street and didn't even know it. :) Anyway, we just got back from a camping trip over at Trillium Lake. If you haven't been you need to check it out. It's absolutely gorgeous, and only an hour away from Portland.
    How about that coffee/tea? Let's plan something already!

  7. I've never fancied Camping but you make it sound so inviting!


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