Wednesday, 24 October 2012

artisan bread making @ home

My Huzz loves to make bread - the house speciality has been rosemary focaccia for so long. Every party or dinner we go to, the hosts ask him to bake one, and actually one is never enough as it is devoured so quickly, it almost does a vanishing act!

When the new artisan bread and pizza book 'Flour Water Salt Yeast' was published last month, it was at the top of our list to add to the cookery book collection.  The book is written by Ken Forkish of Ken's Artisan Bakery here in Portland.  His bread is to-die-for, and if you are ever in Portland, please add a visit to this bakery to your list of things to do.

Well, now the Huzz is also turning out loaves of this wonderful artisan bread in our kitchen every weekend.  The smell of fresh bread baking and seeing a loaf so perfect sitting on the breadboard is the best way to start the weekend.


  1. Hmmm the smell of fresh bread baking ... I LOVE it !

  2. Looks amazing! I will have to check it out!


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