Friday, 19 October 2012

my city

10 months ago our family moved from Eindhoven in The Netherlands to Portland, Oregon USA.

Today I found this little movie on Vimeo showing off some of the wonderful things about this city and the local areas.  I got a huge smile on my face watching it and thinking this is now my city.  I love the food, wine, coffee and beer culture.  I love the bridges, views of Mount Hood, the mix of modern and industrial architecture.  I love the green spaces and parks, the farmers markets, the friendly people. I love that Portland is 'weird' in a good way!

For all my lovely family and friends scattered around the world....  here's a little view of where we call home (for now at least!).


  1. Looks Lovely Victoria - No wonder you're enjoying life there

  2. I would totally move to Portland in a heartbeat. It is a perfect place to live. One hour from beach and one hour from skiing. Rivers and mountains all make up for the rain. Great restaurants! Plenty of diversity. It doesn't get better than Portland.

  3. I LOVE Portland and try to visit it once a year. There are so many things to enjoy about your city (& your posts keep adding 'stops' for my next visit).


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