Saturday, 10 November 2012

oh so pretty lights

Well, there will certainly be some friends and family receiving these gorgeous hand made lights from me this Christmas.

I have just discovered Cable & Cotton, creators of beautifully handmade strings of lights, that can be customised to your own choice of colours (43 to pick from) or theme (maybe a wedding, party, Christmas etc) or pick from the pre-selected colour schemes. You can also choose the length you wish (20, 35 or 50 lights) depending on where you want to hang them.

Each lamp ball is handmade using cotton wrapped by hand around a balloon that's been coated in an adhesive, including natural gum.  Once the adhesive is dry, the balloon is removed and you are left with a beautifully individual ball that is your "lamp".

Here's a short video showing how the lamp balls are made.....

The colours are so pretty and I'm finding it hard to make up my mind whether to go for a Christmas themed string, or a mix of colours to use all year through (or both maybe!).

What colours would you pick?


  1. Just been catching up on your recent posts after my holiday. These lights are gorgeous but I don't know how long it would take me to decide on the colour combination! By the way, I love bonfire night too - the fireworks, toffee apples....all of it!

  2. These are lovely and definitely too pretty to only use at Christmas.,


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