Monday, 5 November 2012

remember remember 5th November

This weekend we enjoyed a huge bonfire, fireworks, baked potatoes, chilli, and throwing our Guy on the fire!  All hosted by a British family here in Portland who have been organising this event for 13 years!

For those non-Brits who may be wondering what this is all about, you can read up a little history on the British tradition of Guy Fawkes / Bonfire / Fireworks night here and here.

Needless to say, a fun time was had by all.  The kiddos had never been to a Guy Fawkes night as we'd never 'celebrated' it in the Netherlands.  And it was more years that the Huzz and I could remember that we had been a party like this!  The smell of the fire, baked potatoes and fireworks bought back many childhood memories of huge events like this in organised in public parks in the UK when we were kids.  I think it will now become a new 'tradition' here in the US with our fellow expats for future years.

Remember Remember
The 5th of November
Gunpower Treason and Plot.
We see no reason
Why Gunpower Treason
Should ever be forgot!

Hope you had a fun weekend and maybe some fireworks and bonfire too.

PS - 5th November is also the anniversary of the Huzz and my first date!  Fireworks all round!

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  1. Happy 'first date' Anniversary!! Sounds like you had a super time, a roaring bonfire would be just the thing now as the temps start to cool!


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