Friday, 14 December 2012

11 more sleeps

I've just been reminded that there are just 11 more sleeps until Christmas Day!

How did that happen?

I keep on thinking we have another 2 full weeks to go.  Obviously not!

This weekend we shall be....

Going to see The Polar Express and The Hobbit (separately - one parent to each kiddo).
It's the Huzz's work Christmas event for all the children.
Neither of mine know about it yet, so it will be a fun surprise for Saturday morning.

Hosting a drinks party for our neighbours.
Half 'better late than never moving in drinks / half holiday drinks'.

Cooking, preping, baking, and margarita making for saidparty!

Hopefully finding time for a manicure.

A Sunday afternon 4 year old's birthday party for Ruby's friend.

Squeezing in a little gift shopping if possible.

Hope your weekend is joyful, merry and bright!

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