Tuesday, 11 December 2012

t'wit t'wooooooooo

I'm finding little owls everywhere!   There seems to have been real trend going on for a while of these cute little creatures appearing on everything from cushions, to belts, crockery to clothing.....  here's a few of my favourites...

Backpack -  Target

Plate by Donna Wilson - SCP

Cusion - Steptoes

Shower curtain rings - Modcloth

And my Ruby has this gorgeous owl skirt - Boden (2011) so no longer available.
I think its my all time favourite skirt of hers.

Do you have any owls in your life?


  1. I have noticed owls for a while too - owl pendants in particular but I don't yet have any of these little creatures. The owls on the belt are cute!

  2. Victoria,
    The backpack and that cute little skirt, too too cute!!

    Art by Karena


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