Thursday, 10 January 2013

a good start

We're back in the routine of our lives.  I like that.  School bus to be jumped on.  Pre-school drop-off.  Grocery shopping days back on track (now that Christmas indulgence supplies have been devoured!).  Judo, Creative Dance, Swimming, Drum classes all scheduled into our diaries once again.  Ahhhh... I am generally a creature of habit.

And for me, well its been a good week.  Really good actually.  My healthy start to 2013 is on track.

I've kick started my healthy eating plan for the year straight into first gear.  Somehow I came across 'Simple Green Smoothies' website offering an abundance of healthy smoothie recipes to get immune systems into check, increase leafy green veg intake, help with weight loss (if you so wish to replace a meal with a smoothie), boost your energy and generally get a good dose of healthy living.  Simple Green Smoothies has also set a 30 Day Challenge to get people really motivated towards a healthier lifestyle.

And, although I started on 8th Jan instead of 2nd Jan (should have been surfing the www more and found it sooner!), I'm on my Day 3 and loving my smoothies.  I've replaced my lunch with a huge glass of smoothie - 2 days with Berry Protein Bash and 1 day with Kiwi Berry Punch.  Delicious.  I'm hoping to stay cold free and get this body back into shape.  And so onto my other new thing .....
I've become a 'Runner'!  From a complete non-runner 4 months ago, I started jogging a few laps around the local baseball field on sunny mornings instead of the boring old treadmill at the gym (inside and looking out at the blue sky and sunshine - what am I doing?!).  And so its gone from there.   This week I ran two 5.3km runs.  And that's not all.....  I'm planning on running an 8k in March at the Portland Shamrock Run (St Patrick's Day).  It feels good.  Sometimes its a real struggle.  Slowly its getting easier.  And hopefully I'll start seeing some good results soon too.

Anything you've started anew this year?

And now, literally, I must run!


  1. LOve green smothies! A great way to start out the new year~

  2. Well done! Good for you! I have several green smoothies earmarked. Maybe next week I'll get them going.

  3. This post makes me feel guilty! I haven't had a green smoothie in a long time. And nor have I run, or exercised, since middle of December. Yikes!


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