Friday, 11 January 2013

dress up

Ruby loves to dress up.  Princess dresses seem to dominate.  Ballerinas.  Cowgirl.  Supergirl.  A pirate when she's playing with the boys.

I took this iPhone photo a couple of days ago when she had a friend over to play.  She has a Princess  Hippie Chic combo going on, although you can't see the long pink satin dress and Cinderalla dress-up shoes below.  I love this photo of her (even though the quality is pretty terrible!).  She's still just 4, so obviously dress-up actually begins before 5!

Wishing you a very happy weekend.  Hope you get to dress up too!


  1. She looks lovely and what fun mixing up a bit of princess with hippie chick. The quote is absolutely true! Happy New Year too.

  2. She is darling! I love the head band which bring me back to my childhood of disco and Olivia Newton John.

  3. A model in the making. Love the outfit. Pat x


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