Friday, 18 January 2013

a little kindness goes a long way

My son brought home from school a list of 'Kind Things' to do this week.

Nothing big, just small gestures - 

Pick up some street litter
Help someone with their books
Say a quiet Thank You to a school cafetaria helper
Listen to your teacher the first time (not sure he managed this one!)
Smile at 25 people
Make a new friend
Be helpful at home
Pat someone on the back
Offer a helping hand
etc etc 

Luca helped the child sitting next to him at school with her math problem.  As a Thank You, the next day she gave Luca a little box with a clay giraffe she had made, a die within a die (double dice) and a tiny note of thanks.  How lovely is that.  It was so unexpected and he was delighted (he's had a tough week and so this really put a smile on his face).

I think if we all tried a little act of kindness everyday, there would be a lot more smiles and happy hearts in this world (including our own).

Hope you have a lovely weekend.
And don't forget to be a little kind to yourself too!


  1. It never ceases to amaze me how a little kindness can go a long way! It warms my heart to hear of two young ones who showed kindness to each other, each in a different way. Your Luca sounds like a sweet boy to assist someone who needed help and not many children would respond with such a kind gesture as to say thank you! Absolute darlings, both of them!
    What a super idea that was to hand out a list of 'kind things' to do! I have to pass this on to my children's teachers!

  2. I agree! If people would just be a little kinder there would be less depression, less violent act, more happiness .


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