Friday, 1 March 2013

a little san francisco girls' trip

This weekend Ruby and I are off to San Francisco!   A (very) short business / pleasure trip.  The need to visit the British Consulate on Monday morning to get passports copied and certified gave us the excuse to jump on an early flight on Sunday morning.  So we'll just get about 24 daylight hours to enjoy a little 'girls' time'.   And the sun is supposed to be shining too!  Yay!

Ruby is beyond excited.  She continually asks when we can next go on a plane and stay at a hotel.

We'll swim at the hotel pool.  Visit the sealions at Fisherman's Wharf/Pier 39.  Go out for dinner.   Pamper ourselves in the hotel room.  Visit the British Consulate.  Have breakfast.  Jump on a tram or two.   Stop for a coffee and hot chocolate.  Wander a little and then catch our flight home.

The last time I visited San Francisco was in 2007.  Luca was 3 years old!  It was a great trip, and I'm so looking forward to seeing this city again - even just for a few hours.

We are staying Downtown, not far from the Financial District.  If you have a tip on (kid friendly) places to eat in that area (I don't want to drag her little legs all over the city), please let me know.

Me and My Girl Time.

Hope you have a fun weekend.


  1. This is a city I would love to travel to Victoria. It will be so special to share with your daughter..enjoy!
    Jeanne xx

  2. I have never been to SF but I like the city and always want to visit...Thank you for sharing beautiful photo!


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