Wednesday, 6 March 2013

san francisco recap

We arrived home late Monday evening after a whirlwind visit to San Francisco.  Aching feet, full tummies (I really need to do an extra run this week!) and smiling faces after such a lovely trip with my girl.

Ruby kept saying "Isn't this trip great mama."  Love her.

Other great things she said in SF.

"It's so beautiful here."

"They stink." (whilst watching the sealions).

"Oh they are so beautiful." (on seeing all the beautifully dressed mannequins in the Nieman Marcus windows).

"You should make your hot chocolate not so hot." (to the cafe owner where we had breakfast).

"I can't walk anymore."

"I love going on trips and on planes."

"Pleeeaaasseee can I have a soda in a can." (to the air steward - I think this may have been one of the highlights of the trip for Ruby as she almost NEVER gets soda at home, and having it in the can with a straw was a MASSIVE deal to her (although I did pour half out for myself which didn't bother her in the least).

The sun came out both afternoons and we walked and walked.  Jumped on a few street cars.  Visited Miette for macarons and cupcakes.  Drank hot drinking chocolate from Ghirardelli . Watched the noisey sealions.  Ruby went on a beautiful carousel, twice.  I bought her a 'I S F' t-shirt, of course.

Pretty butterfly windows of Nieman Marcus

Cupcake for one from Miette

The famous sour dough bread makers of SF.

We did a little necessary shopping as I forgot my swimsuit and swimming at the hotel was high on Ruby's list.

After dinner and an early evening swim, we watched movies in bed until we could keep our eyes open no longer!  

Oh yes, we also made a very short visit to the British Consulate to get our passports copied and certified, which was the whole reason for the trip to begin with!

Happy Days with my Ruby.

Hope you had a great weekend and a good start to this week.

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  1. I am dying to go to Boudin. I just begged my husband to see if he could do a job swap to the Bay area. It is in the works, but may take a year or two to arrange. Love that city! Such a fun place to visit.


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