Tuesday, 16 April 2013

around here on Instagram

From ballet to blossom.

From Jamie Oliver cook book obsession to the 1st Judo tournament silver medal.

From dinner with friends to dinner for 2 for our 10th wedding anniversary.

From visiting our neighborhood 'Little Free Library' to loving blue skies.

This is life around here, via my Instagram.

Hope your week is going well.



  1. looks like a perfect week! love the magnolias! Portland is so beautiful in the spring. Actually, Portland is beautiful in the summer too! Never seen a blue Karate outfit before.

  2. Lovely photos!

    The magnolias are finally out in London...love the little free library, how cute is that?! I'm a Jamie Oliver fan too, I never really watched hm on TV but I've really got into his books in the last year, particularly Ministry of Food & Jamie's Italy :)


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