Tuesday, 7 May 2013

blog every day in may challange - what I'm afraid of

May 7th

The things(s) that you are most afraid of.

I'm not fearless, but there is nothing I feel that frightens me, ie spiders, heights, snakes, earthquakes etc.
There are things that make me shudder a little - at the moment it's all the little worms living under rocks in our aquarium that come squirming out at feeding time - yuck!  Why I need to feel any concern about
them is a wonder, as they are inside a glass container!
I don't like going on rollercoasters or huge water slides, much to the rest of my families' amusement.
"Come on this slide mum, its not the biggest here"
= pale faced, ill feeling mum looking wrecked at the end!
But I wouldn't say I was afraid of them.
However, as with everyone my biggest fear is
 my husband dying.
When we are by each other's side, everything feels right.
The thought on being without him is unbearable.
The exact same goes for my children.  If something terrible were to happen to them,
where I could not help, make better, save them etc.
Doesn't even bear thinking about.

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