Tuesday, 7 May 2013

two for tuesday - the cardigans

One of my favourite bands from the late 90s.

The Cardigans.

I have a great memory of seeing this Swedish band at the Virgin festival in the UK
 in the summer of 1999.
We arrived just as the band came onto the stage and
'My Favourite Game' was the first song they played.
It was absolutely rocking.



  1. I LOVE "Lovefool"....definitely one of those songs that takes me immediately back to a particular time in my life :)

    It was played everywhere wasn't it, a song you can't resist singing along to as well :) She has a such a fabulous voice.

    Love this post, am sitting in sunny London playing both songs :)

  2. PS Had no idea the first song was called "My Favourite Game", I love this one too!!

    One of those songs you sing along to & imagine you could actually be a singer LOL!!

  3. Blast from the past! I love The Cardigans too!


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