Monday, 6 May 2013

blog every day in may challenge - what i do

If you couldn't answer with 'your job', how would you answer
the question "what do you do'?

Daily I

Wake up around 7am.

Make fresh coffee and fruit and yogurt for myself and my Huzz.
Make pack lunches.
Wake kids.
Feed fish and dog (or nag Kiddo 1 to do these)
Check school schedules and school bags.

And sit for 20 mins with the family for breakfast.

Then I .....

Hurry kiddo 1 off to the school bus.  Calling out - "be the best boy in class, listen well, love you!"
Drop kiddo 2 at Pre-school, hugging and saying "listen, be kind, have fun, love you."

Walk Harvey the Hound, saying "here boy, don't pull, sit, good boy!"

Then some of the following ...

I run between 5-9 k a couple of times a week
(when the bloody trapped nerve in my leg isn't killing me!).

I volunteer at the school Library every Tuesday for 2 hours.

I shop, usually fogetting my shopping list and having to wing it on a few items!
(Therefore I go do the grocery store far too often to pick up said forgotten items!).

I plan, do admin, arrange vacations, appointments.

I clean, cook, wash, shop, tidy (repeat, repeat, repeat!)

Meet friends for a coffee or lunch (not often enough though)

I nuture, hug, listen, help, encourage, care.

I lose patience, get cross, throw my hands up in exasperation!

I chauffeur kiddos to either ballet, swimming, judo, rugby, friends, playdates.

I help with homework and wash kit.

I try to look interest and informed about my son's obsession with Minecraft (I fail at this).

I blog, instagram, pin and facebook.

I call my sister back in the UK.

I love and get loved back in return.

There are many other things I do, but this about sums up my days.

It's a full fun life and I feel ever so lucky to be living it.


  1. Sounds just like my day minus walking and feeding the dog. Hope you day was wonderful!

  2. i am so with you on the shopping list! enjoyed reading your post.. will be back!!


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