Wednesday, 29 May 2013

blog every day in may challenge day 29 - five pieces of music

Five Pieces of Music I Like

Light My Fire
The Doors

We had this song playing as the Huzz and I walked into our wedding ceremony together.

You and Me Song
The Wannadies

My BFF and I have sung this song at the top of our voices many many times!
Good memories.

Maroon 5
Moves Like Jagger

Ruby and I love to sing this song and dance together.

Empire State of Mind
Jay Z / Alicia Keys

Driving in my car is the best time to listen to this great music - very loud!

Rolling in the Deep

Fabulous voice.  Say no more.

E N J O Y!

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  1. Great choices, I love all of these too....I did consider "Moves Like Jagger" as we too like to sing & dance to that! Love The Wannadies song, off to download that right now :)


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